going-viral We’ve all been caught up in a trend that is sweeping through the internet. We’ve found ourselves taking the concept of a popular meme and using it to send funny messages in our social network. Also, we’ve also found ourselves marveling at some interesting events or disgusted by irrational actions. All these are as a result of content going viral and catching us in their net.
Creating content which then goes viral can have its perks to an individual or a business. As such, it wouldn’t hurt to know how to come up with such content. In connection to that, we have qualities or factors that contribute to content spreading like bushfire online:
• Unique
There is no way content that has been seen a million times could ever go viral. In fact, developing such content will only aid in flooding the online sphere. It therefore goes to show that one’s content needs to be unique to not only stand out from the clutter, but to also go viral. As such, in order to have your content liked and shared by many, you need to develop original and new content.
• Informative
There are countless articles and videos out in the internet. However, only few pieces are memorable. So what makes such content memorable? Information is vital. Information makes the content stick in the mind of the audience. For that reason, your content needs to have some information attached to it.
• Surprise
Nobody is going to be moved by some lackluster article or video presentation. People always get hooked on content that has the ‘You won’t believe what happened…’ line on it. They end up sharing it in the millions. Consequently, you should always incorporate a surprising aspect to your content. You could try using an ending with a twist to it or content with interesting facts to spice up your content.


• Interesting
There is a reason to why funny videos on video sharing sites are the most popular. This is because they are entertaining to the people who stumble upon them. As such, when designing your content, you might want to go easy on a lot of facts or bogging the pieces with too much analysis. Instead, make it both concise and enjoyable. In the case of a video, you could incorporate colorful graphics and simple language in articles in order to make it all attractive.
• Pragmatic
In as much as content may be entertaining, it also has to have some form of application in real life. Otherwise, people will quickly forget about it. For that reason, you should try to come up with content that is valuable and practical in real life by bringing some form of improvement.
As you head on the journey of viral news content generation, with these attributes, you will come close to developing such content.